Friday, December 18, 2009

"Do NO Harm": Or, How Health Care Reform Has Been Perverted to Benefit the American Insurance Cartel

updated: 12/18/09 at 6pm CST

This will be my first attempt at imbeding videos, but I wanted to share Keith Obermann's December 16th, 2009, special comment on the perverted efforts at health care reform. I rally behind Obermann, who, along with Rachel Maddow, remain for me the single best, most thoughtful, most journalistically authentic, and rhetorically sensitive of commentators -- along with them being among the most compelling voices we now have on "The Left" (whatever such a construct can mean in an America always and seemingly forever suspicious of such a thing). Yes, I'm a proud Leftie!

Note also the brief posts on the "kill the bill" movement at Critical Animal and An und fur sich

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