Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Days, Drifting Away...

Since concluding my recent UK trip, I now have three major projects that require my attention.
  • The entry on "Queer Medieval Studies" for the forthcoming Handbook of Trends in Medieval Studies, edited by Albrect Classen and being published by Walter de Gruyer. (due end of August)
  • Editing my review of Marilynn Desmond's new book, forthcoming in GLQ (due September 15 or before; I'm editing based on Beth Freeman's very helpful comments)
  • Reviewing Reading the Medieval in Early Modern England for Sixteenth Century Studies (past due ... mea culpa!)
The queer studies entry is my first priority, and much of this will be bibliographical assembly. I anticipate sharing that bibliography on this blog next week (hopefully), and seeking suggestions for under-represented areas. The entry is suppose to discuss/cover multiple disciplines in medieval studies, and not only English literature. I feel confident about my coverage in several areas (e.g., Middle English, romance languages, Latin literatures, musicology, history), but certainly welcome any and all suggestions! I've already been aided by Michael Johnson, of UT-Austin's French & Italian Department and a BABEL member, and am expecting an email from Bob Mills of King's College, London, on art history resources other than some of the more obvious items (e.g., Michael Camille's work).

I'm also planning posts on (the) queering (of) medieval disability studies, responses to a few articles I've recently been working through, and a detailed post related to the retrospective discussion of Carolyn Dinshaw's Getting Medieval happening over at ITM.

... Oh those summer days!


Karl Steel said...

I don't suppose we could see the bib you have so far on medieval QT? I'm assuming you have Cary Howie's Claustrophilia and James Schultz , “Heterosexuality as a Threat to Medieval Studies” The Journal of the History of Sexuality 15.1 (Jan. 2006): 14-29.

Nic D'Alessio said...

Hi Karl, yep I have those, but thanks for making sure I'm covering my bases. I'll try and put the bib up this weekend.