Friday, August 1, 2008


Welcome, and thanks for visiting my new blog!

My hope is contribute to the ongoing intellectual activities that have emerged in the blogosphere by offering another place to discuss issues in cultural studies, medieval and early modern literatures, continental philosophy/theory, gender/queer studies, affect and public feeling, and postmodern religion, among other topics. What this blog will not do is engage in divisive political, socio-cultural, or ad hominem attacks or commentary. The blog roll lists what I consider exemplary models for my announced blogging hopes; I hope to add many more links, so please suggest others (or your own!). In the future, I hope also to engage guest bloggers.

Forthcoming posts will focus on recapping and unpacking my recent U.K. conferencing and research trip. I will also be participating in the annual book discussion over at In The Middle. This year we're discussing Carolyn Dinshaw's vitally important, beautifully crafted, and ethically resonant Getting Medieval.

Please come back often and comment frequently!


Jeffrey J. Cohen said...

Welcome to the blogosphere

Henrik said...

Welcome, welcome!

Anonymous said...

Looks interesting. Good luck!