Friday, January 22, 2010

CFP: Inaugural Issue of "Speculations"

The below CFP, first posted in December, is for a new online journal, Speculations: The Journal of Object Oriented Ontology. While I don't share its apparent alliance to "speculative realism," I am interested in new forums for the renewed study of "ontology" and the exploration of "post-continental philosophy" (a neologism whose usage I'm only familiar with through the work of John Mullarkey).

Speculations: The Journal of Object Oriented Ontology


Speculations invites articles on topics related to object oriented philosophy, speculative realism or post-continental philosophy for its inaugural issue. Articles should not exceed 8000 words and should conform to the author’s guidelines outlined on the website. Submissions can be sent electronically via the journal website or directly to the following e-mail address:

Speculations is an open-access peer-reviewed journal. The deadline for submissions is February 28th 2010. Issue one is due to be published in early 2010 and will include submissions from Graham Harman, Ian Bogost and Levi Byrant.

Inquiries and submissions can be sent to:

For further information contact:
Paul John Ennis (Editor):

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