Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Glossing Toward New York

Well, I'm packing and otherwise preparing to leave for NYC to present at the "Glossing Is Glorious" Conference, organized by Nicola Masciandaro and held at the CUNY Graduate School. I present on Thursday afternoon. I already posted the information for my paper. After much re-working, I finally opted for an organizational structure recursively formed around three theses. In doing this, I'm taking formal inspiration from Paul Strohm's wonderful "What Can We Know about Chaucer that He Didn’t Know about Himself?," a chapter in his Theory and the Predmodern Text (pp. 165-81). I say "resursively," because I intentionally return to a series of issues in my treatment of Gower's manuscript and printed text. I plan on posting an excerpt (or perhaps the entire thing) after the conference, but for now here are the three theses I'm using as organizational rubrics:

  1. Ontology is always already prior to semiosis.
  2. Morphologies of possession exist within technological fields of thought.
  3. A book's presentative schemes enact a biopolitics of affect and attachment.

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